I have a lot of project ideas that I haven’t prioritized enough to spend money on. So, here are some thing I’d like to experiment with. Also, if you have any leads on where I can find some of these products, it would help too.

Computer Hardware

I do love computers! Here are some things I’m particularly interested in!

  • Mikrotik pretty much anything, maybe a CRS500 series switch to go with the 25G cards I’m slowly accumulating
  • Any 10G or 25G Ethernet cards (Linux-supported) to go with a high bandwidth Ceph setup
  • Any other unique high bandwidth communications (Linux-supported), such as Infiniband, for fun
  • Rack-mount small servers (especially 2-post rack style, I like small efficient things)
  • Asrock Rack PAUL IPMI Card - these are basically impossible to find!
  • Obscure but still usable storage hardware (PCIe cache cards, etc.)
  • Mid 90s UNIX workstations (they are always beautiful)
  • If you have any other unique hardware you think might fit with the channel, feel free to email or message on Discord!


Power is important for a functoinal home lab!

  • Rack mount PDU, trying to find a smart one that I can connect to Home Assistant, preferably with power monitoring so I can do testing of power consumption of my clusters
  • UPS backup with Ethernet
  • Solar power to save money on running servers
  • Batteries to build a DC-powered server / networking rack


  • Any somewhat modern fiber communications equipment to play with
  • Software Defined Radio Projects - 4G/5G using srsRAN?
  • WiFi hardware - I’d like to play with Infrastructure as Code with WiFi hardware, so either OpenWRT or Mikrotik hardware would be good for that

Home Automation

I’m open to playing with basically anything in the HA space as long as it isn’t cloud-based. Wifi local, Zigbee, Z-wave, Bluetooth, … are all good!

  • IP-based thermostat
  • Z-wave dimmer switches (the more the merrier)
  • Energy Monitoring

Camera Gear

I’m hoping to upgrade my camera gear over time, but a few things that would be helpful to me:

  • Teleprompter
    • I am building one now, as a 3D printing + Raspberry Pi project
  • Very small monitor for better framing
  • I’m thinking of buying a new camera(s)
    • The Zcam E2C seems like something that I can afford and a good enough feature set. An Ethernet-based camera would be nice for me if I eventually setup a more permanent studio, but for now recording to SD cards is good enough.