When I reached 100 subscribers, I was very excited and posted about it here. But now, I’ve crossed 1000. After reaching 100, I was excited for the next hundred, but it came by so fast that within a few weeks I blew by 200,300,400… and was at 1000. The next goal becomes not a doubling, but the next order of magnitude. Exponential growth. I don’t expect to reach 100k (two more orders of magnitude), but maybe I’ll eventually reach the next order of magnitude.

On the flip side, every subscriber is more meaningful with lower numbers. Going from zero to one, one to ten, those individual users all meant something individually. Now, it’s more of a trend, tracking what my viewers like in aggregate, how videos respond with hundreds of views.

Just some late night thoughts on statistics and growth.

Also, a very cool video by Charles and Ray Eames titled ‘powers of ten’, for your curiosity.