Short tutorial this week, how to import a VM image you may get to use in Proxmox. I took a vacation for Thanksgiving, so back to the regularly scheduled madness soon. Enjoy!

The Basics: You need to use qm importvm (See the man page here if you want to reference it). The basic command is:

qm importvm <vmid> <source> <storage> <options>

Where <vmid> is the number of a VM which alraedy exists, <source> is the path to a file which qemu can convert (qcow2, vmdk,raw img), and <storage> is the name of a storage location in Proxmox. For options, they are only relevant if you are using file based storage, then you can pass --format with one of qcow2, vmdk, or raw to specify the file format to use. If you are using block based storage such as ZFS, LVM, … then this is ignored and unnecessary.

The Video: Thumbnail