So today I’m taking a look at the Kwumsy H3 ‘Stream Dock’ No, not THAT Stream Deck, not a dock for the Steam Deck, there’s already enough name confusion. Basically, it tries to be a lower cost touchscreen alternative to the real Stream Deck, making use of the same addon format for wide addon support, and also somehow a USB-C laptop dock with Ethernet, USB 3, HDMI, and USB-PD passthrough.

While all of the hardware works as expected, the software experience isn’t great. There are plenty of cases where it seems like the daemon doesn’t automatically detect the H3 on boot, or the icons don’t update. That said, I did a deep-dive into the USB protocol and it’s pretty trivial and nearly identical to the ‘real’ Stream Deck protocol. I’m sure you can write your own software if you really want to or have a special use case for this thing.



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