The 2018 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge was the final collegiate event in which I competed, as I graduated several days after returning and started working full-time. For the 2018 Challenge, Kettering brought two vehicles - one competing in the ‘Internal Combustion’ class and one in the ‘Diesel Utility’ class. The Diesel vehicle was based on an improved version of my 2017 Diesel Control Capstone using the Mercedes OM660 ‘Smart CDI’ engine, and a Ski-Doo Tundra chassis. The IC (Spark Ignition) vehicle was based on a Rotax 600 ACE engine, naturally aspirated, with a custom control system.

These design papers and presentations were previously published by the competition, however, they are archived here for reference.

Design Paper - 2018 Kettering Diesel

Design Paper - 2018 Kettering Gas

Design Presentation - 2018 Kettering Diesel

Design Presentation - 2018 Kettering Gas