Today I got my first upgrade to the studio setup: A new microphone! I chose a Rode Videomic Go II, which has USB-C and 3.5mm outputs, and they have a USB-C to Lightning cable available to connect to my phone. Since I use my iPhone for filming (often my older iPhone SE), this was important to me, but the ability to connect digitally to my desktop for recording screen capture with high quality audio was also important, so I didn’t want to get the smaller mics that clip directly on to the phone’s lightning port. The mic has a ‘cold shoe’ style mount, and since I don’t have any equipment with that, I 3D printed a bracket to hold the mic on top of my monitor that can also act as a kick-stand to hold the mic on a table.

Anyway here’s the video to go along with this blog: Video Thumbnail

I also 3D printed a mount for the mic, and you can download them below. As usual, CAD files are licensed CC-BY-SA. You’ll need a 1" #8-23 UNF fastener and nylock nut to attach the foot to the base.