As all of you can appreciate, my interest in projects varies with time. At any given time, I have plenty of projects in process, and my moods change which projects I work on at any given time.

Given that information, here’s an update on what I’m working on currently:

Since I’m on a 3D printing kick, expect at leat one of these projects to appear in the future, depending on how long I can keep this motivation up:

  • The Ultimate OctoPi Setup - in which I upgrade my OctoPi setup to a Raspberry Pi 3, print an enclosure to bolt to my polycarbonate box, and setup autofs and all of that good stuff to integrate with my NAS.
  • Pimping my 3D Printer Lighting - in which I add LED lights to my 3D printer so I can stop using the work light, which is only needed so the camera has a view of the print overnight
  • Setting up The Spaghetti Detective cloud-free - in which I venture into The Spaghetti Detective to reduce my unattended 3d print messes
  • How Much Power does my 3D Printer Use - in which I flash a Sonoff S31 power meter smart plug with Tasmota, and then attempt to measure how much power an average 3D print uses.

Stick around and find out what I end up making.