In this video, I expand on the last video of my hyper-converged Proxmox + Ceph cluster to create more custom pool layouts than Proxmox’s GUI allows. This includes setting the storage class (HDD / SSD / NVME), failure domain, and even erasure coding of pools. All of this is then setup as a storage location in Proxmox for RBD (RADOS Block Device), so we can store VM disks on it.

After all of this, I now have the flexibility to assign VM disks to HDDs or SSDs, and use erasure coding to get 66% storage efficiency instead of 33% (doubling my usable capacity for the same disks!). With more nodes and disks, I could improve both the storage efficiency and failure resilience of my cluster, but with only the small number of disks I have, I opted to go for a basic 2+1 erasure code.

This is part of the Hyper-Converged Cluster Megaproject.